Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What We've Missed

The trial judge in the corruption case against Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens has
ordered a "brief hearing" Monday concerning a prosecution witness who said he
was untruthful.
After dealing with cantankerous and AWOL jurors, a lawyer who
he thought was signaling a witness, and multiple accusations of prosecutorial
misconduct by the defense,
U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan now has a witness
who appears to be recanting at least part of his testimony.
Sullivan, in a
one-sentence order issued Tuesday to attorneys in the case, indicated he was
seeking ideas about how to proceed with the witness, David Anderson.

I have never really followed a case before, but this case seems to have more than its share of problems - note the highlighted portion above. I'm sure Mr. Burns & crew are loving it because it might lead to the conviction being dismissed. (Could it end as a mistrial even though the trial has officially ended? Help me out here lawyers!) I'm equally sure that Judge Sullivan and Rosie and her crew just wish it would end.

By the way this is what I was enjoying last week:


mls said...

I believe that the remedy for the alleged government misconduct would be to grant a new trial.

Anonymous said...

What now? What is your opinion after the FBI agent asked for protection because of abuses by the prosecution who is now accused of lying, cheating, and manipulating the evidence to insure a guilty verdict?