Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The End

Usually stories start at the beginning, but I was under oath not to talk about the Ted Stevens trial that I was Juror 11 (or alternate #1) for, so I will start at the end and work my way through to the beginning.

As you may know Sen. Ted Stevens was convicted on 7 counts of falsfying statements - His Federal Disclosure Reports - through out the years 2000-2006, on Monday, October 27, 2008. The trial itself lasted one month, and the jury deliberated a day and a half (or so) before one juror was dismissed and an alternate was brought in. Me!

Through out the trial and deliberations I had to check my emotions at the door and reserve my comments, but now that it is over let the flood begin!

I must warn you though, I will not use proper names as I only remember Ted's name eventhough the lawyers had to state their name each time they interviewed a witness during the trial, I was too busy trying to get the witness's name or doodling to care what their names were. And, of course, I can not use the proper names of my fellow jury members. And anyways, my nicknames were better.

The Prosecution:
Rosie Perez, the head prosecuter. She was fiesty just like Rosie.
Mustache, Alaskan DA or ADA, for obvious reasons.
Perfume McPhee, at first I called him Kyle McLaughlin because he looked like him and I had a budding crush on him, but then he wore too much cologne one day and bam - Perfume McPhee.
Meryl Streep, she never did anything but was at the table and looked like the actress from her Orchid Theif days.
Intern, self explanitory.

Mr. Burns, the head defense lawyer, and its soo true. I was always waiting for him to say 'release the hounds!'
Rob Riggle, I think his name actually was Rob, but he looked like Rob Riggle to me. I wanted to go out drinking with this guy.
Salmmy (Sen. Stevens), This one is a long story perhaps I shall tell it one day.
Amazon, she started out as Trophy because she was blonde and wore pearls, but then she stood up and became Amazon.
Token, this is props to South Park.
Hottie/Tin Tin, he showed up when the defense started calling witnesses, and there are stories to tell about that one too. Perhaps one day...

Well, thats my first post done.

Next, The Deliberation!