Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Corrupted corruption?

As the new year beckons to us on the horizon a few ugly bits of 2008 and before are still rearing their ugly little heads. No, I'm not talking about the economy, or anything happening in the Middle East. I'm talking about the trial that will not go away quietly.

As I have mentioned before Dave Anderson (nephew to The Allen, and supposed worker at the Salmmy Estate), has said that he lied while on stand. As to what exactly he lied about and why isn't exactly clear to me, something about lying about having been granted immunity by the FBI in exchange for his testimony, but he didn't really have the immunity? When he was a witness he wasn't all that clear in his testimony with exact dates and exact work done, he seemed kind of stoned while testifying. Well, 'happy drunk' at least. My opinion is that he might've lied about what work HE actually did, but the work was still done, in full knowledge of Salmmy, and not paid for by Salmmy, therefore; Salmmy is still guilty.

Now, however, an FBI whistle-blower comes on to the scene, telling tales of misconduct on behalf of the FBI agents and the prosecution. WB says that there were private meetings, gifts exchanged and evidence omitted.

And now I'm worried. What if the prosecution was only out for blood any way they could get it? What if they did have some evidence that out weighs the guilty evidence? And why am I worried? I still feel I came to the right decision based on the facts presented during the case. I don't feel worried about our verdict. I'm worried that if this case does get re-tried some poor sap (more correctly 12 poor saps) are going to have to sit through another month long trial. (they won't make us do it again will they? You can't have the same jury try the case again - right? Oh God - I hope not!!!).

So if the prosecution was corrupt and withholding evidence that showed that Salmmy was not corrupt I'm all for another trial. But I noticed that the WB only mentioned work done by VECO and such at the Salmmy Estate, nothing about all of the gifts that were not disclosed on the FDRs. So, if all else fails, Salmmy is still guilty of receiving those gifts (not loans!) and not reporting them and therefore is still corrupt. Is that enough you ask? YES!!!!

On a lighter note, this quote caught my attention:
During the Stevens trial, the agent inappropriately met with Allen in a hotel
room more than once, the whistle-blower said. During Allen's testimony, the
agent dressed in a way that was meant to be a "surprise/present for Allen," the
whistle-blower said.

Now I'm wondering who this agent was...were they in the audience? OH! I hope I find out! I remember looking at the audience a lot during his testimony, but all I remember that was different from other days, is his lawyer who may or may not have been making signs to him to steal third. Or whatever the judge saw him do and reprimanded him for.


Anonymous said...

A theory being bandied about up here in Anchorage is that the agent was a female and came dressed as a hooker, or overtly sexually, as Bill Allen had a proclivity toward such women. One thing you might not have known about Bill Allen is that he was given a pass of child rape for testifying against Ted Stevens. Yes, he was busted for enjoying a 15 year old prostitute, but those charges never came to light. Why? Bill Allen found a way to call the shots and construct a fallacious case against your friend Salmmy.

Anonymous said...

Here is a great link describing the case as it stands today from a former Anchorage prosecutor:

mls said...

If I am not mistaken, the jury verdict form didn't require the jury to say which gifts/liabilities it thought Stevens received (or even whether they were gifts or liabilities). So if the evidence with respect to the VECO work is found to be legally tainted, the judge would have to assume that this might have affected the jury's verdict.

Anonymous said...

More trouble with your logic...You say it doesn't matter that there were problems with the time claimed to be worked on the job, because the work happened anyways. Problem is that Ted Stevens paid a ton of money, nearly $200,000 for the renovation. If you could see the house without the fisheye (fishy) lenses the prosecution used, you would see that $180,000 is a lot of money. He did pay.

Juror 11 said...

You are right MLS. I will have to keep checking up on this. Bummer.

Anonymous, I said it doesn't matter what work David Anderson did, or how much time/what time he spent doing it, because the work still got done. It was clear from pictures and other evidence that the work was done at certain times after Salmmy and Hulk stopped sending in checks.

Oh and first anonymous...I think if a federal agent came to court dressed seductively or like a hooker everyone would've noticed. I like to think she was wearing something that he had given her. Like in a rom-com. he he he

Anonymous said...

Juror 11, are you saying that you don't recognize the $180,000 he did pay?

Anonymous said...

Time for another update...Prosecutors in contempt for hiding evidence.