Thursday, April 9, 2009

More anger...

So now that the government's case against Salmmy has been dismissed, Salmmy feels that this proves his innocence.

I'm sorry, but the only thing this proves is that the prosecution messed everything up, as well as proving a whole bunch of lawyer stereotypes.

Salmmy, you may be innocent on corruption charges which were never brought up. But you are still guilty of not disclosing some of your major gifts to the public, by not listing those on your Federal Disclosure Reports.

Until the government comes out with evidence that the prosecution withheld evidence pertaining to those gifts, and the FDR forms what the jury found still holds true.

Though, Salmmy, it doesn't matter what I think. Your case was dismissed. That we found you guilty no longer applies. You are not a felon anymore. Go walk your dogs in the bliss that is springtime Washington. (I hope they didn't hear the part of the witness testimony where your wife mentioned how much she hated them). Run for Senator again if you want to.

I do ask you one simple favor though. Please tell every person you meet to fill out their FDR forms. Its really simple. And could save a lot of people grief.

Thank you.


Douglas said...

We have a high value political target with 40 years of history for prosecutors to sift through, and all the Gov't could find is a massage chair and fish statue.
I personally distrust most politicians, but remain supprised this is all they could dig up.
As to the U.S. Atty's conduct, I am heavily enfluenced by my education as a lawyer and can speak with some degree of knowledge. These prosecutors knew what they were doing in redacting directly exculpatory statements from the transcripts provided the defense. Its not that they failed to disclose which has the Judge fired up, its the fact that they took actions to hide this evidence and filed and made arguments which they could not have made except for their conceilment.
Even if our society and legal profession could somehow overlook "non-disclosure" as accidental, which is a stretch with prosecutors of this calliber, we can not turn a blind eye to intentional concealment.
Police that break the law are bad enough, but prosecutors who break the law solely to advance their own careers are the ultimate traitors to our justice system, our Constitution, and our rights as Americans. This conduct is right up there with doctors who kill patients for sick thrills, judges which throw cases for money, and CIA agents which spy for forign countries which pose a threat to our Country.
The Attorney General asked the Court, and the Judge agreed, to dismiss the conviction for a good reason. Conviction was impossible with an untainted jury, not to be confused with members of the tainted jury.
Why did Allen change his testimony from his earlier statements when his memory was fresher? Well, he has yet to be sentenced, and his sentence is based, in part, upon the prosecutor's view of his "cooperation" with the prosecution. His initial statements made him a poster child for the defense, not the prosecutor's star witness.
Our judicial system is frequently the last defense we, as citizens, have from an overzealous government.
The prosecutorial misconduct here, from a professional standpoint, is so unethical that there will be disbarments over this affair. Whether or not a prosecutor can convince a jury of the seriousness of the prosecutorial misconduct will still be an issue, but at least these soon-to-be ex-prosecutors will have the benefit of balanced trial, the ultimate irony.

Anonymous said...

I am just glad colleen... that Ted is no longer a senator

Keep up the great blog. you and I should do an interview together the next time LOL.

Lets get together. Call me.


Anonymous said...

You are so so wrong. I pray that if the Government ever decides to fight a war against you that you are able to survive it. This case was fabricated and the truth will come out.

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Anonymous said...

So what do you think of your juror blog statement now:

"Until the government comes out with evidence that the prosecution withheld evidence pertaining to those gifts, and the FDR forms what the jury found still holds true."

Have you read the special counsel's report detailing all the ways the government concealed evidence that would have totally cleared Stevens' name? JD