Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How to Lose Friends and Alienate Blog Readers

Its really simple! Just go on vacation without easy access to a computer and then do a craft show* you really weren't prepared to do!

But now I'm back and ready to dazzle you all with my clever insights and horrible spelling.

woo hoo!

Before I seriously get back into blogging about the trial let me just say it was a little sad to hear Salmmy's farewell speech last month, just shy of 40 years of service. Too bad he had to go out this way. I also wonder if there should be a term limit on Senators like there are for President. I wonder if that will help curb corruption.

*seriously, I was working my bahootus off making crafts check out my even more horribly updated craft blog: www.hotdogsngiggles.blogspot.com.

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